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Thursday, 02 June 2005



Dear Paul,

glad to see we┬┤re excited about the same issues. Following this (if you ask me, an overstated) panic on the state of Europe, it is rather wise to start a rethinking process on how the concept of democracy could be improved. Although I often disagree with The Economist, their view of seeing the Dutch and French results as necessary wake-up calls has a lot of truth and wisdom in it.

I would say that the main problem for a long time now has been the fact that decision-makers are searching for a smooth democratic process. I am not sure whether this is possible. Democracy by its nature is a bit disruptive, often frustrating but still the only governing concept that has a legitimate basis.

The most difficult educational process on a way to a better democratic system is a responsive government. One that would dare to engage itself (and allow its civil servants to engage themselves)into an honest dialogue with the citizens.

Glad that tomorrow is a free day so I can finally read the pamphlet.


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